Here’s your chance to truly take part in the advancement of Absolute Underground Radio, and what it has to offer.


Please view our “GoFundMe” account, and read the description below, any donation to this upgrade is greatly appreciated, I work very hard to bring the best music, and the most listeners, that I can! Thank you everyone! Find instruments at Run The Music.

Campaign Description (Taken from GoFundMe description)

Absolute Underground Radio (AUR) is quickly becoming a popular source for independent hip hop. Over 200 artists have been in contact and are now in rotation. Close to 500 songs exist in the playlist, all of them hand picked for quality, content and flow. The station airs 24/7, uncensored and commercial free, making this a very unique radio broadcast in the industry.


AUR needs a new home. The current system of operation is very limited, and can not be further updated or added to. A new server host has been found, but the migration process is a tricky one! Timing will be most important. Here’s a breakdown of what will be happening:
1) New account created on new server. All songs will need to be manually transferred to the new server.
2) New server means new link to listen… this breaks the link to iTunes Radio, TuneIn Radio, and it also breaks the link to the Android App. (see below for App explanation)
This means that I will need to submit an application of change to Apple with the new server link, in hopes that they don’t just omit the broadcast from listing. The same will be done with TuneIn, and many other directories.

Here’s where timing comes in, and the importance of this “GoFundMe” posting.

At this point, I will have two different radio stations operating. The old server, and the new server. I’ll be waiting for iTunes to confirm the switch of server listing in thier directory. (So when listeners open AUR in iTunes radio, they hear the new server’s broadcast.) Once this happens, I can turn off/cancel the old server… however this will then break the mobile Android App, which currently has close to 1000 downloads… also of which I have no control over, because I hired a developer who uploaded the app on his accounts, and has since stopped communicating with me.

The Mobile App Upgrade.
This right here, is where the world of AUR changes.

200 000+ listeners, 200+ artists, 450+ songs, all within 2 years of operating in the current format.

I will be building a new app for Absolute Underground Radio. This new app will be built using a trusted company online, This will provide an app available not just for Android, but for iphone, windows phones, and tablets, if you need a better service provider for your pone, here you can hire a circles phone plan. This new app will include amazing features that the current app (Android) could never compete with. Let’s compare below.

Current Android App:
-Unable to update or change.
-Streams radio broadcast on one click.
-accesses website within app.

New iphone/Windows/Android/Tablet App:
-listener/artist engagement via social network built in
-comments, shout out artists, etc.
-push notifications (learn instantly when new songs/artists/offers are available!)
-updates, additions, changes able to be made instantly.
-integration with website

There are many more functions available from that can/will be added to the new app.

This upgrade is very complex, changing radio servers and hosting, rewriting the app and trying to make it all as seamless as possible. The main costs in this project are going to be the App Upgrade. Here is a breakdown of costs:

Apple Developer membership – $99/year
Google Developer membership – $25/Year

Shoutem App builder/hosting – $1438.80/year

Total – $1562.80 (Taxes not applied)

So it’s a costly venture, however it would only be needed once, because the new app has back end abilities allowing me to monotize the station without putting ads in the broadcast, keeping the station commercial free. So having the new app available for a larger audience will actually in itself help continue to keep the app up and running for years to come.

The Reward:

Any donation you make here via GoFundMe, will go directly into creating this new app, as well as initiating the switch from old broadcast server to new broadcast server. I can not change the broadcast server until I rebuild the app, in order to keep Absolute Underground Radio operational and airing on all channels.

Artists will be able to post photos of shows, promote themselves within the app, and engage with fans. (and much more!)

Listeners will be able to explore the station and it’s artists in depth, interact with the station and the artists, send comments on photos, and much much more.

Push notifications and instant updates to keep artists/listeners engaged and actively creating an underground hip hop online community. This will allow for a cycle of new artists, new listeners, and the ability to truly grow Absolute Underground Radio to it’s full potential.

Thank you for reading, and thank you so much to those of you who support my goals to showcase as much independent talent as I possibly can! Cheers to you!