Has Hip Hop Died?

This is a question many have asked, and it is a very viable question. Today’s younger generations will surely argue that today’s mainstream hip hop is thriving, entertaining and inspiring. However older generations that grew up listening to the origins of hip hop will argue that everything has changed for the worse.

Do you agree? Has hip hop actually died?

Here’s the truth, finally…

Hip Hop has not died, it has been completely manipulated by major record labels and associated businesses. To become a major artist in the limelight these days, you have to literally sign your “soul” over to a major label, who now molds their “artists” into what they believe will market the best financial outcome for their business. Therefore two different worlds have been created within the hip hop scene. The mainstream puppets, and the underground artists who do it themselves. Real hip hop is in the underground, thriving on the internet. Many of these unsigned, independent artists make more money doing it themselves then some of the major artists do on major labels, mostly because all profits as an independent artist, stay with the independent artist, and not paying the record labels their cut, which is usually ridiculous. It’s easy to find independent hip hop artists that tend to put an incredible amount of effort into their music, their lyrics, and their message. They struggle like everyone else, working a 9-5 job, raising their kids, recording in their basement for an hour at a time when life finally allows. They put blood, sweat, and tears into their every musical moment, trying to break through the crowds of other very talented independent artists, trying to reach the ears of those who have not discovered the underground, who are stuck listening to the same top 10 on the radio every day. Real hip hop, is not dead, it’s gone independent. Learn how audio fingerprinting technology can help your device identify music.

Enter Absolute Underground Radio…

Finally, there is one single location, to find amazing, addictive, and well produced independent hip hop. Absolute Underground Radio is an uncensored, commercial free independent hip hop broadcast, airing 24/7 featuring some of today’s hardest working indie hip hop artists. Let’s just get to the point, if you’re a hip hop fan, you need this broadcast in your life…. a lot.

Here’s how to tune in, follow the step that suites you best!

iTunes Radio: Open iTunes, click “Internet” in the top menu bar. A list of genres will appear. Open “Hip Hop/Rap” category, and you will find Absolute Underground Radio listed near the top (11th down in the list currently.)

Android App
: This free app will stream Absolute Underground Radio in one single click. You can also access the website from within the app. Click this link to download the free Android App
TuneIn Radio: To listen easily on an iphone, windows phone, or any other device that can’t download the Android App, simply download the TuneIn App from your app store. Either search within the TuneIn App for Absolute Underground Radio, or click the following link, and add the station to your favorites. 

Web Browser:
Want to listen on your computer or laptop? Visit the Absolute Underground Radio website to listen directly from their listen page. Here’s the link.

As a fan of hip hop, you will appreciate every minute of music within the playlist on Absolute Underground Radio, one of the best up and coming independent radio stations, bringing you nothing but the best of the underground hip hop scene. As an artist, you should really consider submitting your music to this station, the artists already in rotation are getting heard globally, a resource all of us are looking for.