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Young Gifted originally, from Haiti and grew up as a teenager gang banging in the United States. He was caught and sent to jail. His experience in jail proved to be a benefit because he was trained to counsel drug dealers and AIDS victims. From there, he was finally deported back to Haiti where he was given a decent job as a counselor and a middle class life style. His gang banging days were over, but while in the prison system in Haiti, he met his wife. Young Gifted had already fathered a daughter in the states . ..but after his deportation, he was forced to live a new life and settled on a female professional he met within the Haiti prison system. It was after meeting his new wife when Young Gifted was told he had a knack for rapping. . . .He ventured into a few recording studios and a few clubs that promoted rap artist and the rest was history. After signing onto twitter and soundcloud, he became a recognizable presence in America . . .and soon was able to promote himself back in the USA – where he had been deported, some years back.

What’s odd about Young Gifted’s career was the fact that he never thought about rapping while gang banging. He was a criminal, first, and later realized he could become a more positive entertainer after changing career goals and becoming a counselor instead of a prisoner. Instead of rapping about crime . .he ventured into social politics – creating a persona most educated lawyers and doctors would approve of.

Young Gifted can come up from a hidden community and confront the mainstream after utilizing networks that most people find entertaining and comfortable comprehending.

Young Gifted fight to become a new icon for Americans to tune into as a media gift from the internet. If you happen to bump into a song by Young Gifted . .or find his soundcloud via google . . .you’ll hear someone who has lived and struggled and lived. His lyrics mimic his new philosophy in life – living with pride and investing in a career most prudent businessmen would admire.

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