William appel



William appel

I am a...

Rap/Hip Hop Artist

Artist Bio

What up world, its your boy ohios very own Stickz.Been rapping for over 15 years started as a sophomore in highschool. Easily motivated by the haters that told me right then and there to hang it up before I started. I refused to give it up. Instead I fell in love with the whole concept, producing beats, writing bars, and just the whole recording process would take me away. Now 29 years old I’m ready to hit the scene running giving it all I’ve got, and I promise you I’ve been doing just that! 

My Favorite Independent Artists

Krytikal Myndz/Stickz ft.Young Mer C- “Faded”: http://youtu.be/zfsBTz4png4

Stickz- “I’m Out” (Too High To Ever Come Down): http://youtu.be/KfiRoRBk3po

Stickz- “Money In The Way” (Too High To Ever Come…: http://youtu.be/hOakegIF33A

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