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    Do you want to experience with Elephant Polo in Jaipur? Then it will be a grateful moment for you. Elephants always a part of Indian culture, and they were a power of the king. Therefore, kings always used to enjoy many types of sports with elephant. They also used to keep safe their an elephants in Elefantastic.

    This elephant polo game is very popular, and this is going on from decades together. The rule of the game is very simple. There must be two teams. Two elephants must be there in one team, and there is some instruction they have to follow strictly. The elephant should not get hurt or else there is a penalty. One more very important thing is guest must enjoy during the game, but elephant safety must be taken care. After the completion of the match, elephants must get food. The day of the match everything must be provided like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Elephant polo is a lifetime experience. You need to add this to your bucket list. Jaipur is the only place where throughout a year exclusive sport get arranged. Doing all theses activity, they have a separate stadium where they made all arrangement of elephants safety. Here Jaipur government especially takes care of elephant safety and their food, so there are no compromisation for it.

    Polo game was never a serious game, the main motto of this game is to entertain people and make them laugh. Still, this motto is getting maintained in the same way. The first time this game introduced in Meghauli, Nepal, then it started everywhere. In this game polo stick get used, but it is completely safe for the elephants. All the elephants also get decorated so nicely that it reflects Indian culture.

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