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    Are you planning to visit Elephant village Jaipur? Then you must read this because from here you will find a snapshot of that place. It is a small village where the local government has given the permission to keep the elephants and maintain them in a proper way. Here they have proper shelter and water facility for those people who will take care of the elephants. If you are a nature and animal lover, you may like this place. This is exciting place, and as a tourist, you will enjoy a lot. You can spend your day and involve yourself in many activities. You can spend quality time with the elephant and have fun. You can meet the elephant with their instructor and introduction time. After you both become friendly with each other, you will enjoy a lot. They understand your language, and you can communicate with them. You can give them bath, and they too will provide you a shower bath. There are some common thing which will help you to know them a better way. You can also enjoy the experience by feeding them bananas.

    You can also explore them by grooming and decorating the elephants by doing painting on them with a different color. You can get a chance to put cloths on them. After taking a bath you need to give them food and that time is their mealtime. They also eat bread by themselves. Not only you can do fun with elephants you can also enjoy with the local community members by sharing your experience. You need to add at least one day in your Jaipur day tours itinerary so that you can spend your quality time with elephants and praise that praise their beauty. This you will never forget in your life. This is the maximum happiness, which you can enjoy in your life.

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