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    Do you want to interact with an elephant? Then you must visit the elephant village Jaipur where you can talk, feed, play, and bath with them. You can also do painting on them as per your comfort. They are so obedient that they do not react in a wrong way, so you will not get disappointed. There is some non-profitable organization that takes care of so well that elephant feels that is there home and they are comfortable to stay in that place. Elephant sanctuary India is most exciting part in wildlife where all elephants can stay safe. They also can meet with a human being and make then experience with riding. Here elephant trainer trains the elephant so that they do not misbehave with tourists. You can ride and climb on them and can take a beautiful picture. This is very much memorable because you may do this once in a lifetime. You can ride on them and do some sightseeing too. These organizations also have a facility for medical treatment of elephants so that if elephants are not well they can treat them well. This elephant village in Jaipur is a unique set up where if you want to spend your complete day and have fun. If you want, you can stay there for some nights because they have kept proper accommodation for people. The night also this place looks good so you can visit and admire the beauty of the site. When you meet first time with an elephant, you must meet him in front of his trainer, so that he can make you both feel comfortable with each other.

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