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    Why Dedicated Server?
    When your website starts running slow due to heavy traffic. Multiple hits come on your website from worldwide like any e-commerce websites, Enterprise websites or any banking sector website.
    To resolve these issues we need to go with dedicated servers hosting in India.
    • Dedicated server is a single physical server which is not shared by any else.
    • Linux Server & Windows server comes under dedicated server.
    • A Linux server doesn’t require any licence in windows licence is required.
    • Dedicated servers are costly compare to any VPS or any cloud servers.

    Our Features:

    • We provide 24*7*365 support via email, live chat or on phone
    • You are free to choose your server from any data centers like USA, Europe, Germany or DC.
    • Our SLA is 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
    • All servers are fast, reliable & fully secured.
    • Our all data centers’s networkequipped with the latest technologies.
    256 IPs Dedicated Server
    Climax Hosting Data Centers provides special type of server with 256 IPs server.


    • IPv4 & IPv6 version
    • /24 Subnet class.
    • When you want to send bulk email at a single time than this server is required.
    • All IPs are whitelisted.
    • This server is expensive compare to other dedicated server because of multiple IPs as each IP comes with a cost.
    • Mostly needed in CentOs without Cpanel.

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