Heads up, a very cool video conferencing ability has been added to the website. This means you can create a group, enable “group chat,” and host live, real time events to your fans. You and 11 other artists/team members can broadcast your video/audio at once, as well as soundcloud and youtube streaming embedded right in the chat room, which means you and your team can literally rap full collab tracks to a live audience, all completely free on

Here’s a few ideas to help you understand what you can do with this new video conferencing feature within Absolute Underground Radio.

1) You could gather a few rappers on your team, and broadcast live any of the following to a live audience:

– Broadcast a live video cypher
– Broadcast a live video freestyle
– Broadcast a live video rap battle
– Broadcast a live real time video concert
– Broadcast a live Q&A session with your fans
2) You could work live with your global team of artists, turn on a beat and write collab tracks, work on lyrics, and discuss your current/future hip hop projects.

3) You could hold live video conference meetings with your team, label, or producers/beatmakers from around the globe.

If you are a hip hop producer/beat maker, here’s a few ideas for you to benefit from this new feature:

You could host a freestyle event, battle event, or cypher event, encouraging hip hop artists to take part, and rap it out over your beats to a live audience. This could potentially bring a lot of attention to your beats, your company, and your social pages.

Work with your clients live and in real time. Most beatmakers have to communicate with thier global customers via email. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just meet up with your client in a video conference room, they could play soundcloud/youtube links to show you a reference beat, or you could broadcast your samples of their new beat to them, with live feedback from your clients.

I encourage you to join me in a group video conference so that I can show you how it works, and how it can benefit you as an artist.

I work hard to get you heard, allow me to take you a step further than anyone else is going in the game, let’s embrace technology and make a change. Let’s grind together.

Thanks again for your continued support in my efforts to make Absolute Underground Radio the best possible hip hop resource it can be.

Damien Hannah
CEO – Absolute Underground Radio

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