Our Current AUR Press Release!

Absolute Underground Radio, the free non-stop radio site unveiled
May 6, 2015 – Location – Free uninterrupted music has become somewhat of a luxury in this day and age. As conventional radio interrupts music with advertisements, host commentary and other sound effects, getting to enjoy music in its purity is becoming quite a challenge.
Purchasing music on the other hand can become quite pricy as each track comes with a price tag. Absolute Underground Radio, the recent online radio service unveiled the independent music service to listeners making sure that listeners can enjoy an unadulterated version of their favorite music as it was meant to be.
Each song on the radio channel is absolutely free and is a part of complete uninterrupted playlists which are contributed to via independent artists looking to showcase their work. Independent tracks are either taken through the approval of artists or uploaded by independent artists themselves. This ensures that the music you are listening to is completely legal and free.
In addition to the promotion of independent music, AUR is also making efforts to improve their services. With the upload option for newer artists, the site also has a resources section under the works where artists can learn industry techniques, find out the numbers behind the tracks that are being played and provide them with insight into their tracks and how they are faring amongst others.
In order to cater to the demands of the growing community of AUR, the site has also started a forum where users and artists can not only interact with one another but also contribute to the development and inclusion of music as different tastes collide.
The most recent addition to the absolute Underground radio site has been the development of an app that works on Android. This means that listeners of AUR can now access uninterrupted tracks legally from anywhere in the world. This aptly named app, AURA was one much awaited by fans of the site that were already using the browser compatible site on their own mobile devices.
About Absolute Underground Radio
Absolute Underground Radio is an initiative to raise the standards of radio quality and to provide a platform for independent artist and listeners to come together and enjoy tracks legally and free of cost.
Absolute Underground Radio which is also available as an android application also takes submissions from artists looking to showcase their music onto a site provided that they are provided with supporting information to prove their claim.