SourAve Mel

Sour Ave Mel

Tracks in rotation:

SourAve Mel – That NIgga
SourAve Mel – Turn The Tables
SourAve Mel – UndastanWhaImean

Sour Ave Mel ,Brooklyn Brownzville, NEW BLOOD… NEW BREED.. Music is just a word……Not when you hear Sour Ave Mel…..It’s more than music when it comes to Sour Ave. Growing up on the Streets of Brownsville in Brooklyn New York, Saratoga Ave is how Mel Incorporated his Name with his Block ….Nick naming it “Sour Ave”. With his strong addiction to the Money… Hustling day to day and being around great artist influenced Sour Ave to solidify his spot in the game as one of the best….Sour Ave’s music spells out the word “Success” with a real Brooklyn New York Feel. He can give u that raw street feel and make you jump around at the same time. His versatility along with his hunger, dedication, Experiences on the streets, and song writing ability makes Sour Ave what we would call “A Problem” in today’s Hip hop game.