About Absolute Underground Radio

What is Absolute Underground Radio?

Started on a simple online server, AUR has grown exponentially since it’s beginning in January, 2015. I have personally searched Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and many more music sharing websites for artists that are obviously doing everything they can to be the best that they can… I’ve tried to find the greats.
The AUR broadcast is commercial free, and commercials are not planned for the short term future.
The AUR website is slowly growing, now with social abilities, live video conference abilities, and much more. The site is the main hub for the radio stream, however you can also find AUR in iTunes Radio, TuneIn Radio, Google Play, Shoutcast, Streema, and a few other online radio directories where the station can be heard.

The Future:

I have a larger picture in my head of what I want AUR to be. This will not just be your typical radio stream/website. I plan to create a diverse epicenter for artists and fans of rap and hip hop worldwide. I am planning a few key website features, as well as a few broadcast additions, such as:

1 – video conference battle room. (Already Live!)
2 – video conference freestyle/cypher sessions (Already Live!)
3 – Absolute Underground Radio Crowdfunding platform (Coming in the Future)

Broadcast Additions:

1 – other genre streams.
2 – multi language streams for all genres (ex. hip hop english, hip hop french, hip hop Chinese, etc.)
3 – live DJs
4 – listener call in/song requests
5 – artist interviews

and much more.

I am currently searching for rap and hip hop artist resources. This includes beat makers, producers, marketers, promoters, street teams, graphic designers, and any other rap and hip hop related products/services.

If you would like to make yourself available on our website as an “Artist Resource,” please use our “Contact Us” page on our website.

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